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  • K.O. Program has a very high pass rate for USMLE Step I. Future Course dates include: January 9 - January 28, 2017; February 6 - February 25, 2017; March 6 - March 24, 2017. 


The critically essential elemental concepts vital for USMLE success is presented in a concise format. This course condenses what you need to know and presents in a different manner compared to other courses out there.  Some USMLE programs are too basic of a course and you should be able to pick the points such programs offer by reading any review book (such as First Aid).  Other programs offer material that is just too long and overwhelming; and it is even difficult to stay focused for the 8 weeks they take to bombard people with such information.  

This course is short and sweet and hits all the high yield concepts which appear on the exam.  The majority of concepts covered in the course appears in some form or fashion on the actual exam. Of course this course hits high yield, so you can't compare it to the other programs which covers all 2 years of med school basic science in 8 weeks. 

It is the manner of presentation and application of the concepts which this course excels at compared to other courses. Most of the participants have done the other review courses but had hardly seen any improvement in their performance or QBank results; after this course and studying the material again for 6 weeks afterwards they have had a big jump in their scores, so much so that they end up referring the program to their friends.  If you follow along the schedule and then review the material in that same order, things begin to make sense and stick. 

3 weeks is a short time, but it is adequate in class time.  The other will have to be the time you put into it yourself upon completion of the course. And we will continue to teach you and guide you until your test date.




Thank you for helping me pass the USMLE with outstanding success; after failing the exam twice before finding out about your course, I was able to achieve a score of 242, and that is the best news I have ever achieved in my whole life. Your notes is very masterfully written and is exactly on point. It covered every aspect of the exam and it wasn't overwhelming to read. I have been spreading the word about your class and your great notes.  -V.P. (Michigan)