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  • K.O. Program has a very high pass rate for USMLE Step I. Future Course dates include: January 9 - January 28, 2017; February 6 - February 25, 2017; March 6 - March 24, 2017. 

“Today is my mom's birthday and I surprised her with my exam results (242/99) this morning.  She was so happy she was crying.  She wants to also thank you for all the work and the help you've provided me to keep going in pursuit of my medical career.  I wish I had heard about your program earlier, especially since I was at St. Matthews School of Medicine but nobody ever shared your program with me, not even my best friend on campus who took your course.  It has been a very tough time since I left Grand Cayman and the day I received my passing score, but I've always held the belief that everything in life happens for a reason.  I was meant to pass this time, so I finally heard about your program.”
-M.L. (New York)
“This is a monster course that you have here. I just wished I had heard about your course a little earlier. My 243 score is incredible, considering that I had failed it twice before.”
-A.G. (Hawaii)
“Hope you are doing well. I have good news. I passed the Step 1 exam with a score 225 (82%). I would like to thank you for your continued help and support. I am grateful to you for that. Whenever you have some free time please let me know in order to call you and start planning my Step 2 CK exam preparation with you. Thank you very much once more for everything.”
-A.B. (Georgia)
“I just wanted to let you know that I took my exam on July 13 and got the results this week and I PASSED!!! I got a 208, which is almost 30 points higher than I got the last 2 times I took it. I know I could've done a little better if I had postponed my exam longer, but I was reaching the point where I just couldn't study anymore. But considering my history with these exams, I am extremely happy with the result. I know I didn't take full advantage of your help after the course was over, but as I went over the notes again and again, the words just seemed to stick and I finally didn't feel panicked or overwhelmed while I was studying, or while taking the exam. Your notes were simply amazing; if I had spent a few more weeks on the notes I would have scored over 230. Anyway, thank you for all your help, especially helping me find the confidence I needed to take the exam again. If anyone needs any testimony or have questions about how to approach the course or take the exam, they can contact me.”
-K.M. (California)
“I got my score report today. Passed; thank God. Didn't do nearly as good as I was hoping though.... 220.  On all the NBME's I was scoring higher and I felt good coming out of the real exam. Was hoping for 240 and up but I am happy that I passed and will now be able to move on to the next step. Thank you for your tutoring and support during the course. Your notes was just right on point and I could even hear your voice during the exam. If any prospective student needs any information about your course, have them contact me.”
-N.M. (Illinois)
“I just wanted to say thank you again for giving me the tools I needed to pass Step 1.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't have my doubts in the beginning, but talking to some former students really helped make me more comfortable.  Especially talking to Gabriel who was able to compare and contrast with another review course.  Then after the first week of class I really started to believe that it was possible.  The fact that I was able to understand and work through Neuro after 1 week was what gave me the confidence that this would really be worth the time as long as I put forth the effort required. I am a little sad I didn't get more Neuro-focused questions on my test, but either way I am happy with my performance and very appreciative of what you taught us. I genuinely appreciate all that you have done, and yes, if there is anything I can do such as share my experience with prospective students or whatever, I would be glad to do so.”
-M.D. (Georgia)
"Happy New Year, I just got my result today, I passed, thank you very much. Hope you're doing great. I took the test last Dec 18, i must say that your lectures were right on point and helped me a lot."
-J.S. (California)

"I know its been a while, but just wanted to let you know I passed with a 199 (81 so im very happy. I could have gotten a 220 i think but its hard to work full time and study and do masters. I was really pushing for a 220 however, Im very very content with my score especially from missing it so close last time. I have been spreading the word about your class and your great notes."
-C.A. (Maryland)
"Thanks to your great notes and your lectures I was able to get 212. Thank you very much."
-C.S. (Florida)

"Whether it was a conversation about Pharmacology or anything else, I enjoyed it all. Thank you for taking me into your class, thanks for always taking my phone call no matter how late I called. I really appreciate it and I owe my success and passing score to you."
-S.A (Florida)

"Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me pass and don't think this is all you are getting; something nicer will come later."
-M.S (Illinois)

"I would like to thank you personally. All my students I sent to your program from the University of Seychelles School of Medcine have done remarkably well on Step 1. Nirag got 219 and 235 on Steps 1 and 2 respectively, Farah with 208 and we have had other exceptional scores."
-F.S (Illinois)

"Couldn't have done this without your help: 210/85. Thanks a million."
-Gladys (Florida)

"Everything you have done has been a blessing to all of us from St. Mathews School of Medicine that came here. Thank you for the selfless giving of your time in helping us all pass"
-N.S (New York)

"My success on Step 1 was sue to all your help. I came here because most of the people from my school SMU (St. Mathews University) took this course and they all did well. Everyone on campus has your phone number and I'm glad I came also"
-K.L (New York)

"Hi!  First of all, I hope that this email finds you in the best of health.  (hope you still remember me!!  heheh!!!) I would like to start by apologizing to you for the long delay in writing/ contacting you.... that's partly my fault!!... and partly because of my family situation... (Sorry, sorry, sorry!!). I never got a chance to thank you in person for all you have done for me. As my sister told you I finally passed the step one......... I think I nearly passed out when I found out!!  And that day and the next were a big blur, because I was in total shock.  You won't believe this but when I told my mom, because of sheer shock, she ended up with a very high fever for 5-6 days. Sir, my journey towards passing that exam had been very very long, and at times, it seemed that the road was never-ending, and perhaps it would of been without your help and your course.  And I will forever be in debt to you for that.      If I may share a little story with you.  I still remember long ago, when i was still in med school... a friend of mine used to tell me that his elder brother had problems getting through with the step one, and he had taken it I don't know how many times.  At times I thought he was just exaggerating... anyways, when he finally passed his exact words were 'please write this on my tomb-stone that I passed step one USMLE.  I heard that and chuckled at that time... but now I can totally understand what he must of felt like, because after many failures, one doesn't know how to react with a positive achievement ... as in my case too."
-Maya B. (Canada)

"Please bear with me for a little longer... I do know that I want to thank you for everything you have done for me, your time, your patience and belief in me is probably what pulled me through... saying thank you isn't enough, the word seems so small compared to the gratitude in my heart.  You know in India, professors and teachers are really looked upon with lots of respect, more so than they do in the west i feel... and that is exactly what you've earned with our family (and of course me too!) is our respect and highest regard in what you do. Please continue to help those who are in need of it... those who are gonna give up on themselves and their dreams... those people like me really need teachers like you.  And for that I say thank you.    Sometimes in life we're so confused and frustrated at where we've ended up.... and just plain helpless... and people like you come along and it seems like a single ray of light that is appearing from complete darkness... Again, at a risk of sounding sillier than I already have probably.... My mom says that you appeared like an angel out of no where.. and carried me thru this tornado... (my mom is gonna kill me for telling you that!!!!!!!)"
-Maya B. (Canada)

"I passed. 211/87. Thanks."
-A.B. (Florida)

"My success on Step 1 was due to all your help. I came here because most of the people from my school (SMU) and they all went to do well. Everyone on campus in the Cayman has your phone number and I'm glad I came also and got a 212."
-T (Tennessee)

"I scored a 195. Your small class sizes of 6 or 7 students is unique and amazing."
-A.V. (Georgia)

"Thank you for everything you've done in helping us achieve passing scores on USMLE Step I. We pray that God will return to you in abundance all the kindness you have shown all of us that came from University of Alabama. The class and the notes and the exams were awesome."
-K.G. (Alabama)

"Thank you for helping me knock out USMLE Step 1. I went from 170 to 198. Thanks."
-B.L. (New York)

"Thanks for helping us pass. We appreciate that you went beyond the call of duty to calls after hours to answer questions we had. You made us understand concepts in a different light. We owe all our success to your program in University of South Alabama."
-T.T. (Alabama)

Thank you for helping me pass the USMLE with outstanding success; after failing the exam twice before finding out about your course, I was able to achieve a score of 242, and that is the best news I have ever achieved in my whole life. Your notes is very masterfully written and is exactly on point. It covered every aspect of the exam and it wasn't overwhelming to read. I have been spreading the word about your class and your great notes.  -V.P. (Michigan)