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The amount of medical information in textbooks and medical literature is simply too vast to use for USMLE exam review. And scientific information, especially at the cellular/molecular level, is too rapidly-expanding to know what is new to add to the already voluminous information. The volume is therefore too large and cumbersome. And while some information is tested routinely, a sizeable amount of other information appear rarely, if ever, on the USMLE.

Some people try to combat this by reviewing only by studying practice questions from many sources. But that is just as inefficient as trying to re-read textbooks. This method is quite risky because question banks have a tendency to jump from topic to topic, skipping certain essential elements that may not be featured on the practice questions but could be very vital on the actual USMLE. Consequently, relying solely on this method leaves the individual with a lot of gaps. For this reason, those who review by solely using practice questions find themselves going back for clarification in textbooks, where they end up studying large amount of material in a quest to “fill gaps” in knowledge.

It is more efficient to do questions after a concise, structured review course. A review course must offer material that is not voluminous or overwhelming.

And this is what the USMLE K.O. Review Program offers. We offer the critically essential elemental concepts that are most likely to be tested on the exam without overwhelming details. This is what our course directors have specialized in – figuring out what is likely to be tested (based on experiences gleaned from many years of doing this) and creating rapid updates of our notes to keep up with emerging scientific discoveries and changes to the general medical landscape. Whether it is a new gene that has been linked to a common disease, or a new adverse effect of a drug, or a new principle of treatment, our course directors are on top of it! This is in stark contrast to review books that are sold in medical bookstores, which are only updated every 4-6 years. Our notes are updated monthly to reflect the most recent trends in medical science.

Some people spend 6 months or more in a review course studying large amounts of material only to end up getting lost in this “sea” of information and end up being confused about their exam. They develop a great deal of remorse and agitation after spending a large sum of money to acquire such vast amount of information only to fail the exam repeatedly.

All those who are frustrated with such overwhelming material can benefit greatly from the USMKE K.O. prep program, where review and elaboration of our concise notes at live lectures offers a very effective method for achieving high scores on the USMLE.




Thank you for helping me pass the USMLE with outstanding success; after failing the exam twice before finding out about your course, I was able to achieve a score of 242, and that is the best news I have ever achieved in my whole life. Your notes is very masterfully written and is exactly on point. It covered every aspect of the exam and it wasn't overwhelming to read. I have been spreading the word about your class and your great notes.  -V.P. (Michigan)