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  • K.O. Program has a very high pass rate for USMLE Step I. Future Course dates include: January 9 - January 28, 2017; February 6 - February 25, 2017; March 6 - March 24, 2017. 


This month’s success story is from Marvin. His score report is shown.


Today is my mom's birthday and I surprised her with my exam results this morning.  She was so 
happy she was crying.  She wants to also thank you for all the work and help you've provided me
to keep going in pursuit of my medical career.  I wish I did hear about your program earlier. 
It has been a very tough time since the time I left school and the day I received my passing score,
but I've always held the belief that everything in life happens for a reason.
  I was meant to pass 
this time, so I finally heard about your program. Thanks for helping me pass.
I genuinely appreciate all that you have done, and yes, if there is anything I can do such as share my
experience with prospective students or whatever, I would be glad to do so.
Please share with them my email or my cell. I hope you have another strong class this time and wish they follow
your advice and continue to succeed in their endeavors
. – Marvin”

Thank you for helping me pass the USMLE with outstanding success; after failing the exam twice before finding out about your course, I was able to achieve a score of 242, and that is the best news I have ever achieved in my whole life. Your notes is very masterfully written and is exactly on point. It covered every aspect of the exam and it wasn't overwhelming to read. I have been spreading the word about your class and your great notes.  -V.P. (Michigan)